Individual Style

Our bespoke shirts are made up of at least 25 different components and we provide a multitude of distinct choices and options for each one. With over 5,000 fabrics, 20 collar and cuff styles, 10 collar lining options, 24 monogram styles, and 30 monogram thread colors, style combinations are limited only by your imagination.


The art of patternmaking lies in the details. Our salesmen and tailors are specially trained to take your measurements and note down the individual traits of your body and posture. Details such as a slightly sloped left shoulder, or a prominent chest re incorporated into your pattern design to ensure a clean and comfortable fit.


We source only from the best. All our fabrics are 100s 2-ply or above in quality and they are produced in some of the world’s most demanding mills, including Alumo, Albini, Thomas Mason, David & John Anderson, Monti, S.I.C. Tess, Ermenegildo Zegna and Loro Piana.


Our buttons are pure mother-of-pearl from Australia and our sewing threads are core-spun to maximize resistance to wash and wear. Even our sewing needles are specially sourced to ensure consistently fine single-needle stitches.

Cutting & Tailoring

Each shirt is cut individually in order to match the pattern of the fabric from yoke to sleeve as well as at the sleeve plackets. Every cutting is then pre-shrunk in our workshop to minimize shrinkage in the future. French seams are sewn with single-needle stitching and 22 stitches per inch for an incredibly fine and clean appearance.